Winter Enrichment  

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FOOD TRUCK INTERNATIONAL   – Guiding children through hands-on cooking

Students will sizzle their way to delicious dishes they create themselves.  This is a hands- on culinary experience.  Every student chef will be equipped with their own cook station.  Including an induction cook top, utensils and fresh ingredients to prepare their dishes.  Each week students will explore a new recipe from around the world.  The children will learn cooking techniques and kitchen safety. This class uses high quality ingredients and spices. The Kid’s Kitchen will encourage kids to have fun exploring food.      

Instructor: DeAnna Carnahan – Kid’s Kitchen                                                                                       

Class Max 12


AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE                                                                                  

Basic course in American Sign Language. Students will learn basic signs, Deaf Culture and the importance of body language.  We will work in both the classroom setting and walking around school learning signs of nature.  Audio/Visual equipment will be used to see ourselves as others see us.  Hopefully we will have an advanced class during the next session! 

Instructor: Gene Harris                                                                                                                              Class Max 15


BUILDING ARCHITECTS -Exciting hands-on building to inspire the next generation of architects:  

Love to design and build? Let’s explore the world of architecture and design with some hands-on building challenges and creative design activities. We’ll look at all sorts of different career pathways in architecture and how everything around us gets influenced by design. Students will only need to bring their imagination—they will be equipped with an award-winning architectural modeling kit and project supplies that cover everything they need to build!  

Instructor: Rebecca Labau                                                                                                                               Class Max: 12                                                                                                                                                                              


 The Creative Art Studio is designed to engage every student’s creative mind and guide them in making masterpieces they will be proud of. To do this, we will explore the world of both two and three dimensional media while focusing on a specific artist or art style each week. Lessons may include drawing, painting, sculpting, weaving and printmaking while also focusing on building skill through the elements of art, design, and technique. Students will be provided with all materials needed to complete all of their masterpieces. Students will complete their own work by following the teacher in a step-by-step method that allows them to see projects take shape from beginning to end, but still allowing each student to develop their own style. Most projects will go home with the student the same day.

Instructor: Tara Lubic                                                                                                                                      Class Max: 20

THE ITALIAN TABLE – Guiding children through hands on cooking     

This hands-on cooking experience will be everything Italian.  Students will explore and cook dishes from different regions in Italy each week. Each student chef will be equipped with their own cooking station. Including an induction cook top, utensils and fresh ingredients, to create scrumptious Italian dishes. Kitchen safety and cooking techniques will be taught. Send your child on a tour of Italy to eat some great food made by them.

Instructor: DeAnna Carnahan – Kid’s Kitchen                                                                                                     Class Max 12



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