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After School Enrichment

Thank you!!

Tutoring Rocks is teaching the study skills class and has donated a portion of their fee back to the PTC! 

The PTC is using that money for enrichment scholarships for students!


Check out these great after-school programs the PTC is currently offering!

Download the schedule (click on the yellow button), fill out the enrollment form and

bring the completed form to the office along with a check made payable to the Marina PTC

Spring Enrichment

Class Schedule & Enrollment Form



Step into the future of creativity and bring your ideas to life! Discover the world of 3D modeling and visual effects and unleash y
our imagination. With hands-on projects and instruction, you'll learn the techniques and tools to create 3D designs and more. Whether you're interested in game design, film production, architecture, or just looking to explore a new hobby, this class is the perfect starting point. Join us today and embark on an exciting journey into the world of 3D media! All tech and materials included.
Instructor: Leo Gutierrez - Tech Spark                        

Class Max 10


Culinary Students will sear & sizzle their way to delicious dishes they create themselves.  This is a hands- on culinary instruction.  Each student chef will be equipped with their own cook station which includes an induction cook top, utensils and fresh ingredients - all to prepare their own dishes.  Each week students will explore a new recipe from around the world.  The children will learn cooking techniques, how to build flavor in their dishes and kitchen safety. This class uses high quality ingredients and spices. The Kid’s Kitchen encourages children to have fun exploring food by cooking themselves and enjoying the food they created.    

Instructor: DeAnna Carnahan – Kid’s Kitchen                                                                                       

Class Max 12


This class aims to guide you out of your head space and into your body.  Through breathwork, yoga asana, yoga nidra, vocal and somatic release, we aim to provide students with tools to boost confidence and increase body awareness and body autonomy.  Yoga helps us to connect to the wisdom of our bodies, encourages us to become and stay a student of life, and helps us process and handle life’s stresses.  Please bring your own yoga mat. 
Instructor: Kiki Castro 

Unleash your inner soccer star with our indoor/outdoor soccer class! Join a class of like-minded students, improve your skills, and have a blast playing this fast-paced game in a fun environment. Our experienced Coach Leo, will provide personalized training and guidance to help you reach your goals, whether you're a beginner or an advanced player. Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve your fitness, build confidence, enhance your skills, and make new friends. Sign up now and let the games begin! All equipment included.
Instructor: Coach Leo Gutierrez                            

Class Max: 12


 The Creative Art Studio is designed to engage every student’s creative mind and guide them in making masterpieces they will be proud of. To do this, we will explore the world of both two and three-dimensional media while focusing on a specific artist or art style each week. Lessons may include drawing, painting, sculpting, weaving and printmaking while also focusing on building skill through the elements of art, design, and technique. Students will be provided with all materials needed to complete all of their masterpieces. Students will complete their own work by following the teacher in a step-by-step method that allows them to see projects take shape from beginning to end, but still allowing each student to develop their own style. Most projects will go home with the student the same day.

Instructor: Tara Lubic                                                                                                                                      Class Max: 15


This class is normally offered in the summer as a 3 day camp for over twice the price!  This class is the perfect destination for students looking to bulk up their academic tool bags.  We use the intimacy of small closely aged groups to create a fun, collaborative environment fit for learning. Expect to come away from this class with valuable skills in the following: Studying * Test Taking * Time Management * Note Taking * Goal Setting * Memory Tricks.       Instructor: Tutoring Rocks - Heather Clark                                                                                                          Class Max: 6



Questions/ Scholarships? Would you like to teach an enrichment class?  Please contact Enrichment Coordinator Jennifer Slade

Marina Village PTC is a 501(c)(3) Organization. Your donation may be tax deductible. Tax-ID# 91-1816078.

Contact Us: Marina Village PTC, 1901 Francisco Way, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. Email:

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