Spring Enrichment Coming Soon!

Check out these great after school programs the PTC ran last year.  Check back soon to see the great classes we have for Spring 2021

Please download the schedule (click on the Blue Box W below), fill out the enrollment form and bring it to the office along with a check made payable to the Marina PTC!



B.B. Art: Grades 6 – 8

B.B. Art is designed to enrich the creative side of student’s grades 6-8. Each week a new art lesson is taught, the lesson may include drawing, painting, sculpting, mosaic and paper Mache. Student will work with different mediums and materials to create art pieces they will be proud of. Most projects will go home with the student the same day. We will teach art principles, elements, and techniques while making the process fun. Students will complete their own work with guidance from their teacher. 

Instructor: Lana Bermudez                                  Class Max: 16



Food Truck International – Guiding kids through hands on cooking:  Grades 6 -8

Junior chefs will measure, mix & sizzle their way to delicious dishes created themselves.  This is a true hands on culinary experience.  Every chef will be equipped with their own cooking station.  Including an induction cook top, utensils and fresh ingredients to cook appetizing dishes.  Each week, the junior chefs explore a new recipe from around the world.  The children will learn cooking techniques and kitchen safety. The kids kitchen only uses high quality ingredients and spices. The kids kitchen will encourage kids to have fun exploring with food while trying new and exciting ingredients .Children with food allergies or sensitivities may not enjoy this experience.              

Instructor: DeAnna Carnahan-Kids Kitchen                    Class Max:  12


American Sign Language: Grades 6 - 8

Basis course in American Sign Language. Students will learn basic signs, Deaf Culture and the importance of body language.  We will work in both the classroom setting and walking around school learning signs of nature.  Audi/Visual equipment will be used to see ourselves as others see us.  Hopefully we will have an advanced class during the next session.

Instructor: Gene Harris                      Class Max:  15



Cake Decorating:  Grades 6 -8    

Cake decorating is an exciting introduction to the wide world of desserts. Students will learn to properly frost a cake, basic piping techniques, how to use fondant, and creative decorating styles. In addition to cake decorating, they will learn how to make homemade buttercream and fresh whipped frosting. All of our cakes and pre-made buttercream will be store bought. Homemade frostings will all be made in class, by students. We will not use any products containing nuts, but all cakes will be made with gluten. Let's get decorating!

Instructor: Sara Diggs                                      Class Max:  20


Study Skills: Grades 6-8

This class is normally offered in the summer as a 3 day camp for over twice the price!  This class is the perfect destination for students looking to bulk up their academic tool bags.  We use the intimacy of small closely aged groups to create a fun, collaborative environment fit for learning. Expect to come away from this class with valuable skills in the following: Studying * Test Taking * Time Management * Note Taking * Goal Setting * Memory Tricks      

Instructor: Tutoring Rocks                      Class Max: 12

Girls in Architecture: Exciting hands-on building for girls:  Grades 6-8

Love to design and build? Explore the world of architecture as you construct scale models with the help of local architects. Girls will learn about the materials and methods used to create presentation-style structures, gain modeling dexterity and learn from their volunteer mentors about building a successful career path in architecture. Even with today’s 3D computer designs, building physical scale models is still one of the beloved stepping stones of great architects. Students will only need to bring their imagination; they will be equipped with award-winning architectural modeling kits that include everything they need to build!

Instructor: Rebecca Labau                                               Class Max: 12



Questions?  Please contact Enrichment Coordinators DeAnna Carnahan and Shelle Limoncelli at either carnysda@yahoo.com or jimshelle2@att.net .

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              Spring Enrichment

Class Schedule & Enrollment Form

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